The personnel of our company is its greatest asset and competitive advantage, especially in an era which demands great flexibility, empathy and understanding towards our clients and fellow human beings.

Throughout the years, our company’s fundamental commitment is the systematic and efficient hiring, development and retaining of its employees. In this context and through the application of modern ways of selection, training, evaluation and reward, we place special importance to:

  • Staffing through merit-based systems of choosing and evaluating, according to the needs and requirements of each work field
  • Providing equal opportunities during the training phase and the evolution of the career of each employee. The provision of equal chances to each member of our staff is an integral part of the policies of our company.
  • Constantly reinforcing a policy of acknowledgement and rewards, according to the values that define our company.
  • Continuously informing and educating the employees, as well as ensuring the opacity of the procedures of promotion and work assignment

Samaras Transport & Logistics

5οkm Old National Road Larissa-Volos
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Polikratus 38 & Kennedy, Post Code 18233, Agios Ioannis Renti
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Thessaloniki - Partners

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