In a rapidly changing world, we understand that selecting the right third-party logistics provider is of a crucial importance. As markets and demands fluctuate, Samaras Transports & Logistics is a reputable 3PL company that ensures the best efficiency for its partners. 

As the trade environment grows and evolves, Samaras Transports & Logistics is proven to be a trustworthy and reliable partner in 3PL services.

3PL companies are operating under a challenging competitive environment, where the ability of offering specialized services, based on the needs of their customer, is crucial, for a successful cooperation.

The 3PL services sector in Greece - even though it has a significant growth - is still at significantly lower levels than in other European countries, with only 10% of Greek businesses being customers in the industry (50% -70% in the EU).

At Samaras Transport & Logistics, we are proud to inform you, we have highly developed 3PL logistics services. Quality, reliability and flexibility are our group’s philosophy.

  • Dry Storage under constant monitoring
  • Open area Storage under constant monitoring
  • Cross Docking
  • Dangerous Goods Storage (ADR)
  • Picking/Packing
  • Haulage
  • Customized Distribution Services.
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Fiscal Representation

Samaras Transport & Logistics

5οkm Old National Road Larissa-Volos
Phone Number +30 241 3008981

Polikratus 38 & Kennedy, Post Code 18233, Agios Ioannis Renti
Phone Number +30 213 0082722

Thessaloniki - Partners

Phone Number +30 2310 510 953

e-mail: info@metafores-samaras.gr


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